Corte Realdi is a different kind of accommodation, for us it is a pleasure to go out of our way to deliver to our guests a memorable experience by offering authentic locations and settings with an honestly friendly yet high level of service, we do not think and behave like a traditional hotel. For this reason we have selected unique locations throughout the center of Verona and connected all of them with our characteristic approach to caring for our guests. We will personally meet you to check you in directly in your room, we will share with you our favorite places to frequent and give you the right advice and assistance when you need it, like a good friend in a new city, just a phone call away anytime of the day we will be there when and if you need us.

Porta dei Borsari
  • Verona's only luxury "Albergo Diffuso", a hotel composed of 2 separate buildings just off Corso Porta Borsari (Verona's High Street), filled with Verona's top boutiques, restaurants and bars
  • Try our serviced suites on Piazza Erbe, 7 unique apartments on Verona's most beautiful and prestigious square
  • 200 meters to Arena di Verona
  • 200 meters to Piazza Erbe
  • Elegantly decorated with traditional italian furniture while keeping a modern atmosphere
  • Unique Corte Realdi service 



Complimentary WiFi

Full Breakfast Service

Room Service

Concierge Service

Private Transfers

Special and Unique Experiences Assistance

Valet Parking


Nespresso and Tea facilities